Leadership Team

Our leadership team is here to help! Read on to learn about our team of officers and how they serve the membership. This is a great place to look to find out who you should contact to answer a question, resolve an issue or get more involved at AMT! Learn more about how decisions are made at AMT

Meet the Team

Rachel Sadd

Executive Director

Slack: @crafty
Email : [email protected]


  • Drives development and operations according to the AMT Mission, Vision and Values and the Goals as set by the board
  • Functions as the outward fact of the org and affinity organizations and community groups
  • Program development, including classes and workshops
  • Executive level operations including contracts with service providers, executive sponsorship for projects, and operational fiscal responsibility
  • Recruits and support stewards, fills in when positions are not staffed, as possible
  • Provides leadership support for others on the leadership team
  • Completes org-based purchasing not covered by other stewards or officers
  • Functions as a point of contact during emergencies
  • Is the current point of contact for volunteers and Monster Corps members

Steven Sheffield


Slack : @steven.sheffield
Email : [email protected]


  • Oversees financial processes
  • Drives fiscal responsibility
  • Leads the budget creations process
  • Manages refunds, expense reporting, etc.
  • Ensures all accounting, bookkeeping meet sound business practices.
  • Manages accountant relationship and bookkeeping team
  • Partners with the leadership team
  • Manages many aspects of the AMT Store

Matt Cridland

Vice President

Slack : @Matt
Email :
[email protected]


  • Assists with core operational functions of AMT including project management and some program development
  • Assists with recruitment and vetting of stewards/teams, and completes or coordinates steward/team on-boarding/training
  • Ensures safety in the org
  • Completes org and program purchasing
  • Processes new member accounts and on-boarding (team activity)
  • Helps manage and maintain access systems/FOBs
  • Manages incident reports/peer-review process

Lindsi Bristow

Slack : @lindsi bristow
Email : [email protected]


  • manages all the documentation
  • takes (or causes to be taken) minutes of meetings and publishes them
  • maintains filing systems including institutional knowledge and any necessary specifics of private issues.
  • checks our mail and files or distributes it if needed to the responsible party
  • makes sure all legal documentation is filed in a timely manner
  • receives and processes donations and makes sure any in-kind donators receive the appropriate receipts, in coordination with the Treasurer
  • is officially responsible for maintaining the list of Members of Ace Monster Toys, which is done through the acemonstertoys.org website.