Promoting and encouraging technical, scientific and artistic skills through social collaboration, education and individual projects.


Ace Monster Toys (“AMT”) Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) non­profit member supported organization founded in 2011. We support traditional makers and craftspeople as well as hackers both digital and material. Our community brings together people of diverse skill levels by providing resources and culture to build networks; co-work; and engage in projects that benefit individuals and the community at large. The resources we develop include spaces and a wide variety of tools and supplies to support making and learning.


Supporting our mission is met with more than just space and tools. We hold the following values as integral to our success:

We are intentionally growing a welcoming community of diverse people with an economically accessible offering. We bring together makers, craftspeople, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, programmers, creators and hackers in Oakland, CA and the greater East Bay.
The spirit of curiosity is at the heart of hacking, our culture of camaraderie makes for a welcoming place for those who are willing to try something new or ask how things work
Sharing expertise, ideas and knowledge is what makes growth possible as a community, individuals and professionals
We promote an environment of cooperation where conducting ourselves with respect for each other and the space is expressed though active transparency and communication


Board of Directors

Chris O’Sullivan

Chris leads an handyman and kitchen remodel consulting team for local realtors. They focus on energy, lighting and space efficiencies and clearing project roadblocks. He has brought that experience, expertise and enthusiasm for building to AMT for the last several years when he has found himself on the West Coast. A semi-reformed serial and mass entrepreneur he provides advice to Presidents (startup presidents that is) and founders as another facet of his career.

A builder and an entrepreneur at heart, Chris is thrilled to be adding his personal and professional skills to the AMT MakerSpace team.

Pierre Grandin

Pierre joined Ace shortly after relocating to the Bay Area. Initially interested in the Raspberry Pi meetup, the amazing culture of sharing knowledge quickly led him in learning about many of the tools that are available at Ace, from the big CNC router to 3D printing, and, of course, laser. After two years of membership, learning from others, he became more involved in running the space by helping wherever his skill set could be of use.

Nicole Scherm

Nicole has been a member at AMT for roughly a year. They are working towards using all the tools at AMT, and can often be found working on multiple projects at once. After finding AMT, they were drawn in by the friendly community and decided to run for the board. They have a long history of volunteering and coordinating groups and events. As a board member, they’re excited to participate in outreach to local groups and help the AMT community grow. When they’re not spending their free time at AMT, they enjoy dancing and being involved in circus communities.

Jacob La Bay

Jacob has been a member for little over 6 months. Some of his project include 3D printing tactile maps and robot building. His ambition is to build a ‘bot to feed his cats treats and praise them. He key interests while serving on the board include expanding our revenue beyond member fees. He brings over five years experience raising funds for Berkeley Humane Society to the table to further those goals. When not busy with his delightful cats Beaker, Diego and Mrs. Whiskers or robots Jacob enjoys reading and writing.

Mark Johnsen

For over a year, Mark has been a part of the AMT community, learning and developing his skills. From his humble high school beginnings as a Tuba player, he has since traded his brass pastime for high-powered laser cutting, CNC milling, and father-son BoxBot building. Mark is eager to see who and what comes through the door and is happy to meet new people and machines. He’s seizing his opportunity to expand and secure the future of AMT.


Rachel Sadd 

Monster Corps Coordinator

Rachel (aka Crafty) is an independent consultant in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. She has yet to choose one discipline and can be frequently found consulting on anything from unique wearables to front-end development to design and more. She also likes to teach whether it be 1:1 private lessons or as a volunteer with both adults and kids. During the last four years she has also amused herself sewing, herding cats and hacking culture at AMT and several other Bay Area maker/artist spaces.

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Kat Smith


Kat has been been involved with Ace Monster Toys since 2014, where she enjoys the co-working space, AMT culture, and being around other creative types. After a career in publicly traded companies, she walked away to start her own accounting company in 2006 to work with small and start-up organizations and focus more of her efforts on her own clients.

Kat has grandiose future plans for the wood shop, and aspirations for access to a commercial kitchen space for AMT.

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Emma Freed

Marketing Coordinator

Emma Freed is a children’s educator, teaching artist and maker from the San Francisco East Bay. She has worked in non-profit marketing and education for the past 4 years and is passionate about empowering communities through access to design and storytelling tools. Emma also runs a small online business for laser-cut doll accessories, furniture and fashions.

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Renée M. Green


Renée has helped administrate arts and education programs for over a decade, and spent her first 2 years in the Bay Area working on a makerspace project. She joined the AMT team due to her interest in organizational management and goals to support and maintain effective, collaborative creative spaces and communities.

Renee can often be found in Textiles and the Workshop, making components of various art projects and installations for interactive art pursuits.

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Stewards and Team Leaders