Board of Directors /Officers


Rachel Sadd 

Monster Corps Coordinator

Rachel (aka Crafty) is an independent consultant in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. She has yet to choose one discipline and can be frequently found consulting on anything from unique wearables to front-end development to design and more. She also likes to teach whether it be 1:1 private lessons or as a volunteer with both adults and kids. During the last four years she has also amused herself sewing, herding cats and hacking culture at AMT and several other Bay Area maker/artist spaces.

Ben with a puppy dog

Ben Hanna


Ben has been a member of AMT since October of 2013. He has contributed to making decisions, parties, many a woodshop or CNC routed project. He stepped up to be a board member in July of 2015 during which his can-do attitude has been pivotal to moving big org projects forward. He brings a variety of mad skills both digital and otherwise and darn fine quirky sense of humor. 


John Burnham


John brings his entrepreneurial and inventive spirit to more projects at AMT than could possibly be listed. He work both as an inventor and hacker for hire when not volunteering at AMT but at various other community organizations. Since 2013 he has been a steward for various pieces of equipment and programs as well as being a tireless advocate for AMT with local businesses. He has connect AMT with a large amount of community support via equipment donations. He started serving on the board in July of 2015. 


Pierre Grandin


Pierre joined Ace shortly after relocating to the Bay Area. Initially interested in the Raspberry Pi meetup, the amazing culture of sharing knowledge quickly led him in learning about many of the tools that are available at Ace, from the big CNC router to 3D printing, and, of course, laser. After two years of membership, learning from others, he became more involved in running the space by helping wherever his skill set could be of use.


Raymond Kong


Ray has been coming to AMT for over Two years. He leverages the space at AMT to work on projects that just wouldn’t fit in his apartment. He mostly builds things for his kids… laser cutting snowflakes for a ‘Frozen’ birthday party, a Transformers Checkerboard for his son, and his most ambitious project….a life size, fully remote controlled Astromech – R2-D2

In addition to the space and available equipment, what he enjoys most about AMT is the community! Everywhere you turn, someone is willing to teach you how to use a new piece of machinery or provide you with great tips on how to improve your project.

Dr Shiny

Rachel “DrShiny” McConnell


Rachel1.0* is a founding member of Ace Monster Toys and a past director and president. She has used nearly every piece of equipment at Ace at least once.  Currently she runs Neal’s CNC, a custom cutting and fabrication shop in Hayward.  She also makes welded dinosaurs, public art, and many of her own clothes.  She does as much of this at Ace as possible!

*more bugs and fewer features than subsequent Rachels