AMT has a large array of tools, large and small, to help you realize your grandest wood and metal based projects.

Need to saw something?  We got saws; hand saws, cross cut and rip saws, worm drive and circular saws, table saw , chopsaw , mitre saw, jig saw, scroll saw.  Seriously if we don’t have it you probably can get by without it.

Need to get some precision in your work?  We’ve got a jointer,  a planer, a drill press, a router table and a full compliment of hand power tools and regular old hand tools.

Need to turn a chunk of wood into a bowl or an elegant leg for a table or chair?  We’ve got a lathe and a full set of turning tools waiting to help you guide raw materials into beautiful objects.

From raw materials to finely finished products, AMT has the tools and equipment to get you from start to finish. 

If you’re new or venturing into the creative unknown, come to one of our regular “Tools and Techniques” nights where members demonstrate works in progress, techniques, and lead discussions on topics as diverse as exotic wood properties, joinery techniques, and milling replacement parts for your old mountain bike fork.

Want to learn how to sharpen your tool blades? Have a hankering to talk about center punches? Learn best practices for layout? Keep measuring once, cutting twice, and it’s still too short?

Watch our Meetup calendar and Slack channels for details. 

Learn all about using the AMT Workshop

With all this potential packed into one space, we recommend that you attend a 30-minute Workshop Orientation to learn about tools, safety and culture in the workshop, as well as  which tools require certification, and how to sign up for classes.

Tool Certification

Many of the tools in the workshop can hurt you if used improperly. Some tools are easily hurt by you. In both cases, the risks may not be inherently obvious.  Four tools require user certification prior to use, so please attend a 101 class for those tools. Experienced tool users can also get certified by one of our qualified members in lieu of taking an AMT 101 class. (page coming soon or inquire on Slack)

Shop tools that require certification

  • Planer
  • Joiner
  • Table saw
  • Bandsaw

A note on safety

Woodworking and messy shop activities have inherent risks. Members are responsible for knowing and understanding the risks and are expected to work within the limits of their own, and the tools’, abilities. Eye protection is required, as is hearing protection for loud operations. Dust protection is strongly encouraged, and the dust collection systems and ambient filter must be used for all dust and chip producing operations. We have a fantastic safety record, let’s keep it — and our fingers!

Workshop Steward