Need a table saw, a drill press, a band saw, a router, a wood lathe, etc., to see your vision realized? The AMT Workshop has a complete collection of machines and assorted hand tools.

The workshop and metal shop together host regular “Tool and Technique” nights, where different members demonstrate or lead discussions about tools and the various techniques required to use them! Want to learn how to sharpen your tool blades? Have a hankering to talk about center punches? Learn best practices for layout? Keep measuring once, cutting twice, and it’s still too short? Watch our meetup calendar and slack channels for details. Please contact the workshop steward for more info!

Learn all about using the AMT Work Shop

With all this greatness packed into one space we highly recommend that you attend a 30-min Workshop Orientation to learn about the tools, safety and the culture in shop, as well as how to get certified on tools that require it.

Tool Certification

Many of the tools in the workshop can hurt you if used improperly. Some tools are easily hurt by you. In both cases the risks may not be innately obvious.  Four tools require user certification prior to use, please attend a 101 class for that specific tool. Experienced tool users can also get certified by one of our qualified members in lieu of taking an AMT 101 class. (page coming soon or inquire on slack)

Shop tools that require certification

  • Planer
  • Joiner
  • Table Saw
  • Band Saw

A note on safety from the steward

Woodworking and messy shop activities involves inherent risks. Members are responsible for knowing and understanding the risks and expected to work within the limits of their own, and the tools’, abilities. Eye protection is required, as is hearing protection for loud operations. Dust protection is strongly encouraged and the dust collection systems and ambient filter must be used for all dust and chip producing operations. We have a fantastic safety record, let’s keep it – and our fingers!