30-Day Membership

From: $60.00 for 1 month

A great short term solution for folks who want to try us out for 30 days or prefer to avoid automatic payments.

Choose the membership dues rate that is right for you

  • Premium $120/month
  • Standard $80/month
  • Starving Hacker $60/month*

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To maintain your AMT membership you will have to repurchase this membership each month.

Choose the membership type that works for you! Premium is great for those who want to throw AMT a little extra support each month. Standard is ideal for most folks. Starving is a special rate for students or unemployed folks, which requires officer approval for membership activation

If none of those options work for you our Monster Corps option may be a good fit for you.

*The discounted hacker rate ($45) is only available on the Monthly Membership subscription.


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