Monster Corps

How to join Monster Corps

  1. Choose the current opening that works for you
  2. Fill out the application below
  3. Come in for an interview (or complete a phone interview)
  4. Begin a 30-day trial and training
  5. Commit in 90-day blocks

Monster Corp Openings

As of February 25, 2020

Graphic Designer. Layout 1-3 flyers a month in Adobe Indesign according to brand standards. Some content gathering involved.

Media Distributor. Pick up flyers and then post them to various locations in Berkeley, North Oakland, and West Oakland. This is 2-3 times per month at approx. to total 8 hours.

Accounting/Booking Support. We are looking for someone to assist with the bookkeeping. Tasks include recording revenue, data entry from paper IOUs, bill creation in WordPress/WooCommerce, as associated administrative tasks. A high attention to detail and punctuality is required. Quickbooks Online experience a plus.  This contribution is approximately 2 hours a week for 8 hours a month with 50% possible off-site.

Oakland First Friday Event Staff. Must have availability from 3:00pm to 9pm every first friday of the month. This includes load-in, load-out support. Ability to lift 50lbs a must. The other 2 hours is spent either staging or organizing supplies post event.

Photographer. We are looking for a photographer to capture photos for class and program promotion. This is a flexible schedule with the deliverable being more important than a routine schedule. Aligning times with existing classes or members in action is very important. Very little post-production needed, good camera phone is fine. Good composition for social media required. 

Library Program Support Staff. Work with the Library Program Coordinator to create prototypes, prepare materials and deliver awesome workshops. Availability on the 3rd Saturday of the month to staff workshop a must. The other activities are 2.5 hour sessions before and after workshop days.

Social Media Content Generator. This person regularly writes tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts. These tasks are performed 2 hours per week. Light photo editing skills needed. Social media writing experience preferred. Training available for using tools like Hootsuite, etc. This is part of the outreach team at AMT.

Shop Tool Maintenance. Everything from doing tool inspections to cleaning and organizing our workshop, machining, and CNC shops. There is a lot of dust collection and filter replacement. Recent relevant woodworking and tool maintenance experience required. Additional training available. This work is done weekly in 2 to 3-hour increments.  


Tour Host/Documentation. This is a 2 hour a week commitment for 2 weeks of the month. Every Thursday from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. Training and script provided. The other 4 hours is spent updating the AMT Wiki which can be done 50% onsite and 50% offsite. Training provided.

Developer. Experienced with WordPress, WP API integration, Mailchimp and scripted integrations. Django a plus. This person is part of the team that maintains our platforms and develops improvements. Weekly check-in’s and 8 hours min per month.

Developer. Experienced with Python, Django and RaspberryPi. This person is part of the team that maintains our platforms and develops improvements. Weekly check-in’s and 8 hours min per month.

IT Support. This person performs regular maintenance on the IT infrastructure at AMT including documentation. These tasks are performed almost weekly to keep things shipshape, at a pace of 2 to 3 hours per week. Tasks include documenting machine specs, updating software, and doing health checks on various machines.

What Monster Corps does for AMT

AMT is all about making access possible yet we are also volunteer run which means we always need resources. Often time and effort is as valuable, if not more valuable, than cold hard cash. Monster Corps is the program we use to organize the group of awesome folks who give us 8 hours of their time on operational tasks a month in exchange for membership.

Who can be in Monster Corps

Anybody can be in Monster Corps… Well, anybody who normally qualifies for membership. Formal Monster Corps members are folks who completed the application process.

If you are an AMT member outside the Corps who would like to benefit from the program, please contact the coordinator to be added.

Ace Monster Toys is committed to creating an inclusive environment and is proud to be intentionally creating a diverse community.