Monster Corps

What Monster Corps does for AMT

AMT is all about making access possible yet we are also volunteer run which means we always need resources. Often time and effort is as valuable, if not more valuable, than cold hard cash. Monster Corps is the program we use to organize the group of awesome folks who give us 8 hours of their time on operational tasks a month in exchange for membership.

How things work when you are in Monster Corps

Joining Monster Corps means joining AMT, and the process is much the same with a few tweaks.

How Tasks are Assigned

The Monster Corps Coordinator works with MC members on task assignments and deadlines. At the end of the month you provide a schedule of availability for the next month. You are assigned a schedule of tasks based on that info by the MC coordinator.

We use Slack as our primary communication platform and to manage task and track completion. Please be willing to work comfortably in these digital environments or to learn how to use them.

Who can be in Monster Corps

Anybody can be in Monster Corps… Well, anybody who normally qualifies for membership. Formal Monster Corps members are folks who completed the application process.

If you are an AMT member outside the Corps who would like to benefit from the program, please contact the coordinator to be added.

Ace Monster Toys is committed to creating an inclusive environment and is proud to be intentionally creating a diverse community.

How to Join Monster Corps

  • Fill out the application below.
  • If you are a good fit and we have an opening in the program, we will contact you for an interview.
  • Once your application has been accepted, you will get an email with a link, a coupon code and instructions to set up your account here.
  • Attend a mandatory training 2 hr session on Monster Corps systems.
  • Once your account is set up you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete activating your account including scheduling training, picking up keys and choosing your first set of assignments.

*We would like to integrate hours tracking with the membership accounts on this site soon. To be part of that project contact Crafty.

Monster Corp Openings

Workshop Event Staffing. Required availability is a Thursday 1-2 times a month for 1.5 hours, and one Saturday a month for 3-4 hours. Thursday evenings tasks include giving the open house tour and orientation talk. Saturday activities include staffing micro-workshops at the Golden Gate Public Library.

Social Media Content Generator. This person regularly writes tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts. These tasks are performed 2 hours per week. Light photo editing skills needed. Social media writing experience preferred. Training available for using tools like Hootsuite, etc. This is part of the outreach team at AMT.

Hospitality Coordinator. Arrange for food for meetings, purchasing for honor bar supplies making AMT a hospitable and welcome place for the hungry and thirsty.  Hospitality services for our 1x per month general meeting and show n’ tell are a must. Cadence is 2x per month, one shopping and one meeting.

On-Site Organization. Keeping order is an important job at AMT. This position includes light cleaning, organization, and regular inventories. Retail or education organization experience a plus. This opening requires 2 hours per week commitment.

On-site maintenance operations and projects. There are a million little tasks like ordering light bulbs, filing the mail, keeping us organized, and just cleaning up. Small build projects also are included such as hanging pictures or making shelves. This will also include some project management and reporting as well as safety inspections. All those tasks keep us operating like a smoothly oiled machine.