Metal Work

In the Ace Makerspace Metal Shop, you can use our metalworking tools to make things of various metals and plastics. Use the milling machine to cut steel, aluminum, or other materials to precise size and shape. The lathe can cut the same materials into round or threaded shapes. You can bend, grind, cut, solder and weld to create a great variety of things. Need a custom bracket to hold something to your bike? How about a mold casting? Replacement parts for whatever? The machines and techniques of the Metal Shop make it possible at Ace Makerspace!

Certification and learning how to use Metal Shop tools

The CNC milling machine, like several other tools at Ace Makerspace, requires that you take training to use it. There are regular classes offered by the tool steward. If you have milling experience, you may be able to pre-qualify to use the mill. Please contact to the steward to learn more.