Want to be a part of it all! Great!
We’d love to have you.

Ace Monster Toys is an all-volunteer organization. We foster an air of collaboration and respect, so bring your energy and enthusiasm; leave your attitude at home.

There are three levels of membership dues. There are no differences in services, privileges or responsibilities based on what dues you pay.

  • Premium $120/month – They are just kicking in a little extra to make the dream possible
  • Standard $80/month – Perfect for most of us
  • Monster Corp 6-8/hpm – Contribute with your time instead of cash

There are two types of dues paying participants, full members and member applicant (known as provisional member). Everyone starts out as provisional. Once a quarter folks in good standing with a active membership account* for least 30 days will have the opportunity to be voted in as full members. Full member enjoy being able to vote on decisions, board members and are part-owns of the org.

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Becoming a member

  • Visit us! Every Thursday we hold a get together
  • Choose and membership dues
  • Follow the instruction in the email (paperwork + appt. to pick up key)
  • Get email with codes and all kinds of good stuff

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Access to the space
  • Unlimited guest privileges
  • Access to subject matter experts
  • Access to locker rental
  • Access to members only content on the site
  • Access to other online tools and apps

And members have the following responsibilities:

  • be 18 years old or older
  • cleaner than you found it
  • Safety
  • security
  • don’t be a jerk (aka transparency and respect)
  • paying of dues on time

Learn more about AMT Culture and Safety

*”Membership account” does not refer to full membership in the corporation known as Ace Monster Toys.