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You can make a difference! Meeting our year-end goals
is the next step to keeping Ace around, sustainable, and doing great things in the community.

11 Members
of our 20 New Member Goal

Year-End Goal:
20 New Members

Support Ace by Volunteering

Help us get 20 more members before the end of the year!

Outreach events are one of best ways to get new members… There’s nothing like makers talking to makers!

Oakland First Friday Nov. 5th

Chabot Re-Opening Nov.12th

Workshops are more fun to give and go to with helpers! Great workshops get members. Workshop helpers often get 1:1 lessons during the prep day in tool use and more! So it is a win all around. Check out all the opportunities.

Workshop Helper


of $7500

Year-End Goal:
Raise $7500

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More Ways to Contribute

Get credit for tasks in slack with /task (…pssst, there are prizes!)

Contributions by type (as of 11/5/21)

Support Ace by Spreading the Word

Post a review to google! Getting and keeping a great google ranking is an excellent way to help people find us!

@ace_makerspace on Instagram! It is especially rad when you post your projects and tag us!

@acemakerspace on linked in. Follow the page!

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General Space Upkeep
  • Take out any full recycle or trash
  • Vacuum out the Jet air scrubbers filters in the shops AMT244 and AMT243
  • Refill the hand sanitizers and cleaning sprays
Marketing / Social Media Support
Shop Upkeep
New Member Contributions

These contributions have been curated for new members. The idea is that they are the easiest and most approachable tasks for folks still learning their way around.

Outreach Event Staffing / Support

Leadership Contributions (as of 1/12/20)

Ongoing opportunites

Do you have a few hours a week you can regularly commit to a leadership role? AMT needs you. We have opportunites ranging from 2 to 6 hours a week.

  • Board of Directors Openings – 3-5 hours per week (external link)
  • Membership Coordinators – 3 hours per week
  • Marketing Officer – 3-4 hours per week
  • Vice President / Operations Director – 2 hours per week + 2 meetings a month
  • Volunteer Coordinator – 2 hours per week + 1 meeting a month
  • Library Program Coodinator – 8 hours per month (external link)
  • Secretary – 12-20 hours per month

Project Based

Lead a project! You might have the skills to do the whole thing yourself or the skills to rally a team or oversee a contractor. One way or another you the the skills complete a project!

  • Join the Edgy Booth Rebuild Team – See #greater-communinty

View all project based opportunites on asana (login required)


Taking on leadership doesn’t have to mean signing away the next year of your life. AMT needs team leaders to move projects forward and hold the “vision” for the program team. Step up to lead one of these teams for 30, 60 or 90 days. 

… new teams forming!

This page is under development. If you have ideas on how to improve this tool please contact the committee for Volunteerism, Engagement, and Accountability on Slack with the call sign: @volunteerism-accountability