Member Contribution Portal

AMT works because all members contribute regularly. Without active engagement by the members useing the space AMT is not sustainable. This page is a tool designed to make it easier for members to access the information needed to contribute in the way the works best for them on a monthly basis. 

Get credit where credit is due! Use /task in Slack to log your contribution

Contributions by type (as of 1/19/20)

Outreach Event Staffing / Support
Outreach Event Staffing / Support
Marketing / Social Media Support
General Space Upkeep
  • Maintain the Laser Shop Vac – 30 min. 
  • Clean down any of the big white boards
  • Take down the laser materials poster
  • Refill the Red and Blue tags
  • Clean up “obtainium” that has collected in the corners of Coworking
  • Stock the Honor Bars Jan. 13th or 14th
Shop Upkeep
Ad-Hoc Tasks
New Member Contributions

These contributions have been currated for new members. The idea is that they are the easiest and most approachable tasks for folks still learning their way around.

Leadership Contributions (as of 1/19/20)

Ongoing opportunities

Do you have a few hours a week you can regularly commit to a leadership role? AMT needs you. We have opportunites ranging from 2 to 6 hours a week.

Project Based

Lead a project! You might have the skills to do the whole thing yourself or the skills to rally a team or oversee a contractor. One way or another you the the skills complete a project!

View all project based opportunites on asana (login required)


Taking on leadership doesn’t have to mean signing away the next year of your life. AMT needs team leaders to move projects forward and hold the “vision” for the program team. Step up to lead one of these teams for 30, 60 or 90 days. 

… new teams forming!

Get credit where credit is due! Use /task in Slack to log your contribution

This page is under development. If you have ideas on how to improve this tool please contact  the committee for Volunteerisim, Engagement and Accountablity on slack with the call sign: @volunteerism-accountability