Creating engagement with open-source access system development using interactive art at NOMCON


F.A.T.T. (Fob-All-The-Things) is open source hardware/software access systems project for makerspaces.

We are looking to create something that is:

  • Open Source (CC BY-SA)
  • Scalable (more than just doors)
  • Platform agnostic
  • Accessibly coded (common supported languages/libraries)
  • Affordable Hardware ($80 – $125 per unit or less)


Current commercial options are not affordable for most and have scalability issues as makerspace needs are diverse and constantly evolving. Many spaces have created customized access systems solutions yet few of them are repeatable or scalable. Many folks have taken on this project yet we all seem to bottle-neck at the same point. The FATT Project aims to get past that bottleneck by engaging outside the AMT community.

Join the project

The F.A.T.T. project is seeking contributors specifically for software and hardware development.

To Join the working group join the Ace Monster Toys Slack and join the #fob-all-the-things channel.

GitHub Documentation and Project Management

Working meetings most Wednesdays at 7pm PST, though cadence and times for regular work meetings may change as the group of contributors evolves. See Slack for details.