The Electronics Area of Ace Monster Toys is located upstairs in the beautiful back corner from the entry stairway. Look for all the LEDs and soldering irons. Electronics and tinkering with circuits has been a core focus of members at AMT since the very beginning. Lots of projects built in other areas like Textiles or the Woodshop have an electronic component, as everyone likes to have things light up and blink and make beeping noises.

We are organized around three workstations where you can sit down, and all the tools needed to start tinkering at are hand’s reach. Things like tweezers and hot glue are right there because they are invaluable for the kind of projects makers at AMT are building on a regular basis.

Electronics is more than just our workstations

We have a wide variety of parts and components available to members to incorporate into their designs. Need to use a variable bench power supply to test your stuff? We have one that was made right at AMT. Need a few dozen LEDs? Not a problem. How’s about a USB step-up module? A handful are always available. You could build projects just based on the parts available. Come in and take a look at what we have to offer.

Finally, the Electronics Area is about helping others make stuff and learn about electronics and making the electrons flow where you want them to. We have regularly scheduled “Arduino and Raspberry Pi” nights for anyone in the community, along with “Learn to Solder” classes and more. We are also creating and running the Box Box program at AMT, which we hope will make some people who don’t know anything about motors and batteries and watt hours and h-bridges and programming Arduinos excited to learn about all these things while having fun doing it. Having fun is the great way to learn new things, and Box Bots should be maximum fun for everyone in the program.

Meet the Steward

Ray Alderman

Ray Alderman

Electronics Steward

In today's modern tech society we often deal with abstracts like data and content and stare at computer screens for a good portion of the day.  This was and is a good portion of life and a few years ago Read full biography...

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