Jump into a community of fighting ‘bot builders and learn what it takes to make your own mini combat robot! Join and you’ll receive:

  • BoxBots Kit: Everything you need to build and command a complete BoxBot
  • Access to build events every week
  • Monthly Fight Night events


If you like the idea of learning how to make (and break) stuff, then you’re on the right page. Join today by purchasing a membership in the BoxBot Program and you will pick up a kit of parts with everything you need to build a fighting robot.  Whether you want to go solo or are looking for a good team or family project, any* and all are welcome in the BoxBot program.


Competing in the arena is the goal, but the ‘bot building journey is quite fun in itself.  Come to one of the weekly build parties to meet other builders and learn soldering, the art of building with cardboard, and the joy of hot glue.  It’s a great way to learn and meet other builders who are figuring it out just like yourself.  Stay connected with fellow builders on the AMT Slack team #box-bots channel.


Once you’ve built your BoxBot, it’ll be time to enter in the arena and fight for glory and fun at our monthly Fight Nights. All those friends you made during the build parties? Now it’s time to break their stuff and make them reach for the hot glue to fix it. Check out The Rules to learn more about BoxBot competition.

*Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all events. Not suitable for very young children.

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