The first best way to participate at Ace Monster Toys is to visit us and check out the space. We have a number of great opportunies for you to visit including a weekly meeting, regular events, and open houses all posted to the Google Calendar.
There is more then one way to participate at Ace Monster Toys… and all of those ways start by joining a mailing list.
Mailing Lists
Announce - This low volume mailing list includes class and event announcements as well as our bi-monthly news letter.
Discuss - This high volume mailing list is the place for general discussions. This is a great place to ask questions or discuss projects.
Board - This low volume mailing list is used to discuss the business of the org.
Hacker Scouts - All things Hack Scouts.
We use a variety of methods when informing folks about classes, events and other timely occurrences at Ace Monster Toys. For the most up to date information choose the format that works for you:
Google Calendar - This is the core calendar for all things All things Ace Monster Toys - The place we coordinate classes, especially those with attendee limits - 'Cause half the world is there
When you are ready the next step is to take a class or become a member!

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Ace Monster Toys is a non-profit hackerspace based in Oakland, CA, dedicated towards education, hacking, and maker culture.

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