Hackerspace Holiday Party! December 12th - 6pm-9:30pm

Cory Doctorow Presented with AMT Sticker at Defcon

Al was able to give Cory Doctorow an AMT sticker during this week's Defon 20 convention in Las Vegas after Cory's talk. See Al's blog post for more context.


Open House Success!

IMGP5371 IMGP5365

IMGP5372 IMGP5359


The open house was wonderful! We had a huge turnout full of prospective members, neighbors, and Hackerspace curious. It seemed like everyone finished the evening excited about the space the how they might want to get involved. Check out the photoset.

What's happening at AMT?

Here are a few pictures collected from our photostream over the last week or two:

Fixing Laser Tube Work on big CNC Arduino LCD hello, world Experiments in conductive thread

Open house July 18th 7-9:30pm!

We are throwing a full on open house complete with drinks and food. AMT hackers will be on hand to explain equipment and show off projects like:

  • Laser Shooting Gallery
  • Sous Vide (yummy)
  • Sewing with LED's
  • Lasers... cutting and etching things
  • Guido the CNC engraver
  • Midi controlled Glockenspiel
  • and whatever we get up to in the next month
  • Figure out what you might want to make next

Come on by learn about the space, meet the makers/teachers or just hang out and play a game! RSVP on meetup or on facebook! (rsvp not required, tell your friends, drop by!)

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