Hackerspace Holiday Party! December 12th - 6pm-9:30pm

AlgaeLab Home-Grow Algae Workshop

Including Hands-On Training with the Spirulina Kit!

Taught by AlgaeLab.org Founder and NASA Scientist Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum

Sunday, March 4th , 2012
Ace Monster Toys 
6050 Lowell Street #214
Oakland, CA (near Berkeley and Emeryville)

Grow plentiful food and fuel in small spaces.
Algae reproduce exponentially, but do not require land, soil, or fresh water. They can be harvested every day, producing much more than land crops, and some of them (e.g. Spirulina) have amazing health benefits as food.

You can grow algae too — in your own home — and we will show you how!

Come to the Hands-On Home-Grow Algae workshop series. Go home with your own Personal Photo-BioReactor and everything you need to grow your own Spirulina superfood algae in your own home!

One personal algae photo-bioreactor in one sunny window can provide enough spirulina to significantly supplement the diet of one person every day. Larger installations can provide biofuel and organic fertilizer, and perform important services, such as cleaning up water, and eliminating greenhouse gases from exhaust.
In addition to an introduction to an overview of algae farming, and a discussion of the practicalities of setting up your own farm, we will have an extended hands-on section of the workshop where I will show you how to set up and run your personal photo-bioreactor kit — it’s easy!

Special offer: along with the workshop, all participants will be able to take home a one liter bottle of live spirulina culture to start your own tank or pond — this alone is worth the course fee…

Course Fees:

Workshop plus Spirulina Kit: $299

Workshop only: $99

The kit includes tank, heater, air pump, air diffuser, air tubing, valves, starter and make-up nutrient powder mix, pH testing, harvesting tube, harvesting cloth, clips, plug timer, and 1 liter live spirulina – everything you need to get started growing your own superfood spirulina!

Send payment via PayPal (payment@algaelab.org), or by mailing a check to:
420 Fairmount Ave
Oakland, CA 94611

To receive the personal photo-bioreactor at the workshop, be sure to pay at least a week before the course date so that materials can be ordered… See you there!

If you have any questions, write them at contact@algaelab.org

Tekla Labs presentation @ Thurs Jan 26rd meeting

Tekla Labs will be announcing a 3D Printed Design Competition at Ace Monster Toys. Some of the designs already produced by them and their affiliates will be presented. They will demonstrate the Cell-Scope (CellScope Inc.), a cell-phone based microscope constructed of 3D printed parts as well as off-the-shelf components, and a centrifuge built from an egg-beater! More plans and information are available at: http://teklalabs.org/ and more information about the Cell-Scope is available here:

http://cellscope.berkeley.edu/ .

Tekla Labs is a University of California student run organization whose goal is to address the needs of researchers in developing countries in need of quality lab equipment. Tekla Labs is developing the plans necessary to build and test this equipment out of commonly available local materials or cheaply imported materials. Though in its early stage, Tekla Labs has already generated excitement from laboratories in such diverse places as Egypt and Panama.
Where: Ace Monster Toys Global Headquarters
When: January 26rd, AMT meeting is at 7:30pm, presentation starts at 8pm

Lasercut Lamps

One of AMT's members, Louise, used Smaug the Lasercutter to make some lamps as Christmas gifts the other day. They turned out nicely and I thought that I'd share a picture of them.

Louise's Lasercut Lamps

Good job, Louise!

- Al

Laser engraved cookies

Tonight at the meeting we did some tests of engraving images into cookies...results a little blurry, and burnt cookie flavor in one case...but it's still neat.

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