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The Minish Cap

One of our members has been lasering lots of awesome stencils for decorating the boring plywood walls of his house. Here's Link just after being cut:

Time lapse of meeting night

3D Printing Competition with Prizes


The “3D Printing for Science” Design Challenge at UC Berkeley

Get your design 3D printed! Additional prizes for the winning entries!

Take a look at the competition flyer, download it and post it somewhere!

Have you ever been in the middle of an experiment and realized that you have run out of a laboratory supply staple? Ever wish that equipment Y or consumable X was made just a little differently? Or are you creative enough to design a fully new kind of laboratory tool or gadget? Here is your chance! Submit your blueprint designs to the 3D Printing For Science Design Challenge at UC Berkeley.

The competition is open to all designs that are applicable for use in science and engineering laboratories. If you want to get involved, but are unsure what’s needed, check out the “Suggested Problems” below. Join the printable revolution!

1) DIY Alternative: A 3D printing blueprint for an item that can replace a commercial product or a specific component of a commercial product used in scientific laboratories or in scientific/engineering research. Especially helpful if this part tends to break or get lost.
2) Novel Gadget: A 3D printing blueprint for a novel item not commercially available that is of use in scientific laboratories or in scientific/engineering research. Invent! Imagine! Print!

Important Dates
January, 2012: Competition opens
April 30: Last possible day to submit a design (11:59pm PST)
May 10: Final winners are announced

The top 5 entries that fulfill the rules in each category will be printed on a 3D printer by Tekla Labs.
The top 3 entries in each category will be awarded an additional prize:

1. Kindle Fire or DSO Quad Oscilloscope* AND $200 worth of toolbox supplies*
2. Kindle Fire or DSO Quad Oscilloscope*
3. $50 Maker Shed Gift Certificate, Subscription to Make Magazine ($35 value)
*winner chooses item(s),
**AND ALL PRIZE WINNERS get 2nd design of choice printed on a high-end commercial printer.

Who can enter: Anyone!
Details & submission: teklalabs.org/3dprinting
Quesions: 3dprinting@teklalabs.org

3D engravings via Laser

One of our members is working on a method of making 3d engravings on the laser cutter. He has been experimenting with various methods and one he has come up with is multi pass engravings. Parts of the image that you want deeper get engraved on multiple passes, which removes a bit of material each time. Here's a test engrave, note that the resolution is low in order to save time during the test, actual engravings can be more detailed.

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