April is Design Month at AMT! Learn to Hack more mindfully!

Platonic Solid Concrete Lamp

Starting April 5, Ace Monster Toys is pleased to host a month of design courses and workshops with Régis Lemberthe of A&Ré DesignOriginally trained as an industrial designer, Régis graduated with his Master's Degree in Humanitarian Design And Sustainable Living before moving to Berlin and getting involved in the local maker community. He now presents several different workshops there, in parallel with his activities as part of A&Ré Design Studio.

From his description:


Ace Monster Toys is a Hackerspace in the East San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to education, hacking, and maker culture. We are membership based group with regular free open-to-the-public classes and events. We are open to anyone and non-members are welcome.

Ace Monster Toys has

Open house every Thursday 7:30 PM, after the general meeting. If you'd like to visit at other times or just ask questions about AMT, hop on the IRC channel and ask about tour availability. Join the conversation on our mailing list - non-members welcome too!

All of our events and calendar are on our Meetup page.

We are a IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3), incorporated in California as a Non-Profit Corporation as of September 23rd, 2010. 

Random pic of the day:


Recent Happenings

Cool stuff happening at AMT. Click links for details / pictures:
1. Our CNC Metal Mill is fully operational now, come mill some parts out of solid blocks of aluminum!
2. Our large-format printer has been repaired, and can now print full color canvas banners 40"+ wide
3. AMT will have a table at East Bay Mini Maker Faire later next month, check us out!
4. The potential space across the street from Lowell did not fit our requirements, we found any space larger than 2500sqft we will be required to have sprinklers
5. We printed some wood filament on our Makerbot. Kind of neat.
6. Seeedstudio stopped by and showed off their stuff and gave us t-shirts
7. Someone brought delicious cake to a Thursday meeting
8. Stefan is making a bow (for archery!)
9. Microcontroller nights have been busy as usual
10. Our mini CNC router has been used to mill PCBs (instructions)
11. Instructables promised us a laser cutter then gave us the run-around for months and then said sorry just kidding.

New Board Elected

At the June 20, 2013 quarterly membership meeting, our new Ace Monster Toys board of directors was elected. Due to our new move to staggered terms, three of the new directors will serve for six months and two will serve a year, so we can then stagger year-long terms but have continuity between individual boards.
The new board consists of the following members:

  • David Rorex
  • David Donovan
  • Anup Murarka
  • Stefan Hristu
  • Al Billings

Congratulations to our new board members.

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Ace Monster Toys is a non-profit hackerspace based in Oakland, CA, dedicated towards education, hacking, and maker culture.

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