Upcoming AVR/Arduino microcontroller workshops

USnooBieI will be starting a biweekly class / workshop on using AVR & Arduino-like microcontrollers. The first one will be 7 - 9pm on Wens. 3/16. We will have USnooBie kits available for a suggested donation of $20, and the first class will focus on putting together the kits (allowing you to learn basic soldering skills if you don't already), and writing some simple programs to blink a LED etc to get started.

Please send me an email, or post a comment here, or somehow respond to the google calendar event (is that even possible? I don't know how this thing works), if you plan on coming, so I can make sure we have enough tools for everyone. This class (like most) is open to the public, no need to be a member of AMT to check it out!




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