Crowdtilt ~ Textiles Program: 5 Thread Serger Sewing Station

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Who doesn't want to sew with two super sharp flying blades! I know I don't. In order to set up a awesome sewing station complete with a 5 thread serger sewing machine,tools and supplies we need bones!

This workstation is part of the public access, member supported textile program at AMT(a very cool non-profit hacker space in north oakland).

Don't know why sergers are awesome? You can sew about a million different ways and best yet sew stretchy things easily. Come check out how sergers work at the Textiles Open Lab every other Tuesday Night.

We currently have a serger in the space that gets a fair bit of use... but it will be going a way in 30 days! AMT needs a replacment in order to keep the textiles program robust and growing. 

Donate to the cause in here:

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